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Dec. 12th, 2009

Behind every optimistic front, is a painful and sorrow story.

Because that's the reason why they are optimistic.

i hate it when people pour their heart out to me.

Because at the end of every conversation, there's always an awkard silence.

Everytime, i've got no idea what to say to them.

He's possibly the cutest awesomest Sagittarius in the whole wide world!

From the humble perspective of his uncle.
I'm an uncle!!
I'm living every moment when he's quite small and cute, though the traveling to and fro can be draining.
I'm off to hear his cries!

Note to self.

Friends are not passing clouds.

Busy is a lousy excuse for laziness to catch up with them.

"It's time for u to shine."

I have to confess i actually started idolising Michael Jackson after his death.
Before that, i was rolling my eyes at his crazy and eccentric antics. ie. holding his kids out of the balcony.

But i just realise..
Michael Jackson is so magical that he's in a league of his own.
Though his voice might lack the energy compared to years ago, he's unusually fit for a 50 year old on stage!
The usual moonwalk and busy-hands-gestures.
Ahahahhaaa. Amazing stuff.

He actually put other celebrities who has the ability and influence to change the world to shame.
The money and fame these people profit from, are spent with disregard to the less fortunate.
If we can actually start cloning, we shouldn't be trying on pigs and sheeps..but on MJ instead.

Still very much inspired by him. Even 4 hrs later.


I don't know why.

Miley Cyrus is very magical.

Because she actually has her Party in the USA song stuck in my head.

OMG. shit.

Noob stuff sets u thinking.

Have u ever have the feeling of going to burp, only to cough at the same time?!

U don't noe which is the priority!!

To burp first or to cough first!?!

Argh, i seriously nearly choked on my OWN BURP just now.

Ah. noob shit.

My mum is a superwoman.

No, in case u're wondering, my mum don't wear her underwear outside.

She works.
She cooks.
She washes clothes.
She iron clothes for us.
Everyday after work!

How is that possible?!


I am 21.
I am not overweight.
I don't smoke.
I exercise regularly.
I watch my diet closely.

And wtf, i've just been diagnosed with high blood pressure!! (even with a followup!)
The doctor actually suspects might be due to anxiety.
And i've to be back at the clinic whenever i'm free to measure the blood pressure till he deems it's normal.

This is the first time i actually fail the blood pressure test.
And i'm seriously worried.
But i've got no idea where to start improving from!
It's been a long time.

My heart actually skipped a beat.

My 21st.

This has to be the awesomest birthday, yet.

It's a milestone to reach 20th, a blessing to celebrate 21st.

Life has been pretty smooth sailing for far..and i'm greatly thankful for it.
Knotty situations somehow managed to fall back into pieces after time.

Looking back, my 'resume' for the past 21 years wasn't much to be proud of.
I'm not a high-flyer, i'm not into nightlife, i don't have imploding number of friends on facebook, and i don't have illustrious result slips.
But i guess afterall,
We all live different lives and chased different dreams.

I have not taken what i have now for granted.
Photos soon!